Quality Feed & Garden carries a selection of birds and bird supplies.

Pet Birds

Birds make wonderful pets!  They are intelligent creatures full of personality.   

Recent statistics show more than 25 million birds live as pets just in U.S households. The life expectancy of some pet birds is up to 100 years which means they can be great pets for generations. Their inquisitive nature makes them fascinating pets. They make great companions and fill our homes with vibrant sounds and colors.

Like many pets, pet birds require constant responsibility – devotion and companionship, like any other pets. However, it is relatively easy to take care of birds compared to other pets. They do require mental and physical stimulation. It is fairly easy to train them as they are extremely social creatures. They strongly bond with their owners and it is very rewarding to have birds as pets.

Game Birds

Game birds are often part of the urban homestead.  Game birds are colorful and entertaining and can provide hours of enjoyment for the hobbyist.

They can be used to produce eggs & meat for market, or be raised for their ornamental beauty and sheer entertainment.

Quail, guinea fowl, partridges, pheasants, pigeons, doves, are among the choices for backyard game fowl. There are also a number of exotic birds available for the collector or breeder.

Chicks & Chickens

Nothing says “backyard homestead” quite like chickens.  Chickens can be raised for eggs and meat.  They are great insect control and will even kill and eat mice that venture into their domain.

Chickens have a regular routine, and it’s a lot of fun to watch the antics and personalities within your flock. 

Wild birds

We love feeding wild birds!  Backyard habitats are easy to establish and very rewarding.  Texas has many resident wild birds, and others are migratory visitors that change with the seasons.

Their needs are simple:  food, water, shelter, and safety.  The return is hours of enjoyment, beautiful music, and some really great insect control!