Wild Birds

Every year, 400 million wild birds fly over North America

Our state of Texas offers tons of habitat for wild birds including 600 miles of marshes and coastline, the Hill Country, our changeable West Texas terrain, tropical South Texas, the rolling plains of North Texas, and the East Texas Piney Woods.  Seventy-five percent (75%) of all birds in the United States come to Texas, making our state the Number One bird watching state in the country!

If you’re already providing birds with shade and a bird bath, Quality Feed & Garden offers wild bird seeds and other ingredients to supplement your wild bird’s diets. Just remember that once you begin feeding our wild feathered friends, they will rely on you!

Wild bird food options

Our bird seed lineup includes our Birds of a Feather Wild Bird Seed Blend by Jones Seed Company (www.jonesseed.com), bagged in 25 and 50 lb. sizes. We also offer the seed blend by the pound! Other bird foods include hummingbird nectar and suet blocks.

We offer specialty bird foods from Purina Mills Inc., www.wildbirdchows.com, and include Purina’s Cardinals’ Cuisine, Premium Picnic, Finches’ Feast, Woodpeckers’ Wish, Chickadees’ Delight, and a totally-hulled seed mix called Shell Free Festival

Like to mix your own bird food? Our lineup of ingredient seeds include: black oil Sunflower, striped Sunflower, safflower, white & red Millet, oat groats, canola, flax seed, raw peanuts, nyger thistle, chopped & whole kernel corn, milo, wheat and more! We special order many other ingredients including sunflower hearts, peanut hearts, pumpkin seeds and more!

We also stock bird feeders and bird baths to round off our wild bird offerings.