Exotic Pets

Whatever the animal, we can feed it!!

Traditional pets like cats & dogs can be both fun and loveable.  But you may be interested in something a bit more exotic or unusual.  There are many other types of pets that can be great choices for your family!

Our store is known for pet & livestock food, but we also serve customers who keep exotic animals including primates and other exotic mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians, and even insects!

Purina Nutrition

Quality Feed & Garden is proud to be one of the oldest Purina feed & garden stores in the United States.

Purina’s PMI Nutrition has extensive knowledge about manufacturing quality diets.  PMI Nutrition’s goal is to provide the absolute best diets for your animals, and we’re honored to partner with them in offering these very specialized animal diets to you.

Mazuri Product Line

Mazuri branded products have been developed by animal nutritionists to become the number one exotic animal feed manufacturer for zoos worldwide.

As your local animal nutrition experts, Quality Feed & Garden can help find the best diet for your animal. With a little lead time, we can special order any of the offerings in the Mazuri line. We maintain a refrigerated facility at our store to house many sensitive foods, ensuring you get what you need and the freshness you demand. Often sold by the pound or by the bag, Mazuri diets currently stocked at Quality Feed & Garden include:

  • Mazuri Chinchilla Diet (25 lb) -5M01
  • Mazuri Ferret Diet (25 lb) -5M08
  • Mazuri Guinea Pig Diet (25 lb) -5664
  • Mazuri Insectivore Diet (25 lb) -5MK8
  • Mazuri Kangaroo/Wallaby Diet (40 lb) -5Z88
  • Mazuri Rabbit Diet with Timothy Hay (25 lb) – 5M08
  • Mazuri Rodent Pellets (25 lb) – 5663
  • Mazuri Koi Platinum Bits (20 lb) -5M81
  • Mazuri Koi Platinum Nuggets (20 lb) -5M80
  • Mazuri Koi Pond Nuggets (20 lb) -5M78
  • Mazuri Leaf-Eater Primate Diet (25 lb) -5M02
  • Mazuri Primate Growth & Rep Biscuit (25 lb) – 530Q
  • Mazuri New World Primate (25 lb) -5MA5
  • Mazuri Mini-Pig Elder Diet (25 lb) -5Z92
  • Mazuri Parrot Breeder (25 lb) – 56A9
  • Mazuri Parrot Maintenance (25 lb) – 56A8
  • Mazuri Bird Breeder (25 lb) – 56A7
  • Mazuri Tortoise Diet (25 lb) – 5M21
  • Mazuri Waterfowl Maintenance (50 lb) – 5642

Grooming, Deodorizing, Supplies

Though many small animals require minimal grooming, we offer dry dust “shampoos” and grooming brushes to meet your grooming needs. Deodorizers are in stock and ready to help keep your pet smelling fresh.

In addition to pet food, we stock a selection of supplies and accessories for your pets. We also have products for your birds in addition to Mazuri Products for your exotics.