Brown Patch Tip Sheet

Brown Patch
Brown Patch is a fungal disease that spreads quickly when night becomes cooler and damper in the fall.

Symptoms of Brown Patch

Here’s how you know if brown patch attacked your lawn:

(1) The blades of grass are dead but the round runners they attach to are still green and alive.

(2) The infected area appears to be very circular in pattern. Because the runners usually survive brown patch, resodding only will be necessary if you desire. The grass will grow again in spring the following year.

Treating Brown Patch

To treat brown patch, apply Nitro Phos Total Brown Patch Control granules as soon as you discover the problem. Use Bayleton granules for prevention around July 15, August 15 and possibly September 15.

Organic alternatives are Corn Gluten Meal, Dusting Sulfur or Neem Oil.