You can have fresh eggs every day, right from your own backyard!!

Quality Feed & Garden offers chicks year round.  We also offer adult hens and roosters.

In addition to providing eggs, chickens also provide manure and eggshells for the compost pile or garden.  They will eat a variety of lawn & garden insects when they are allowed to free range a bit.  And they certainly provide a bit of entertainment.  Chickens are fun to raise!

Quality Feed & Garden Company has led the region in supplying chicks and chickens since 1928.  We carry every product you need to help you raise your flock   

We are committed to helping you be successful.  Our staff has experience raising all breeds of chickens and can help you get started. 

Store owner Ken is the local chicken guru.  He is your first line of defense when you run into issues with any member of your flock.

What  do you need to start raising chickens in your own backyard?

Shelter – You will need a hutch or a coop, depending on how many hens you will have.  Remember that you will need easy access to collect eggs, and for cleaning.  We carry several options and can help you choose the style that works best for you.

Feed & Feeder – Chickens need access to clean, healthy food.  Our brands offer complete nutrition to keep your birds in top condition.  We offer a range of feeds, including non-soy, non-gmo, organic feed.  Our feeders will keep your chicken feed dry and clean.

Waterer – Water should be available 24-7-365.  Our waterers are easy to fill, easy to clean, and come in several sizes to suit your flock.

Health Supplies – We have everything you need to keep your birds healthy and happy.  Happy hens are productive hens!  See us for probiotics, electrolytes, and mite control.

Grit, Oyster shell, Scratch, & Treats – Grit helps chickens digest their food.  Oyster shell provides additional calcium for layers.  Scratch is a grain treat that encourages natural feeding behavior.  It is also a great training tool to call the girls to their shelter after a free range session.  Chickens think meal worms are a treat, and will love you for it!  But in reality, they are a great source of additional protein, which increases the quality of your eggs.

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