When people think of poultry, the first thing that comes to mind is chickens.  America loves raising chickens!  They are the most common type of poultry raised in the country, but chickens certainly aren’t the only kind of poultry that can fit into the urban homestead.

According to extension.org, “The term poultry actually refers to a variety of bird types raised on farms for food, fiber, or entertainment. That’s right, entertainment—and we aren’t talking about dancing chickens! The most common entertainment variety is pigeons. You can race pigeons or even have them carry messages for you.”

Quality Feed & Garden Company is a big fan of poultry.  We carry chicks, ducklings, goslings, turkey poults, guinea keets, adult poultry, quail, pheasants, pea fowl, pigeons, and doves, based on availability.

We carry feed for every bird we sell.  In addition, we carry accessories, treats, and supplements to keep your flocks in top condition.

Quality Feed & Garden Company has led the region in supplying poultry and poultry products since 1928.  We are committed to helping you be successful.

Our staff has experience raising all kinds of poultry and can help you get started.  Store owner Ken is the local poultry guru.  He is your first line of defense when you run into issues with the poultry you keep.

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