Seeds & Starter Plants

It’s possible to have a fine vegetable garden by buying young plants.  But you will have a much wider range of possibilities if you start your own plants from seeds indoors.  We offer a complete selection of vegetable, herb, and flower seeds and starter plants, and the supplies and expertise to make them productive in your home garden!


Ask about when to plant other selections not seen here on our list. Remember to garden year round in Houston.


Seeds can be sold by weight and mix at Quality Feed & Garden, Houston, Texas

Creating Healthy Soil

In Houston we typically are faced with “gumbo”, a clay soil that feels sticky when rubbed between your fingers. Gumbo tends to be full of nutrients but heavy, holding excessive water, and having poor aeration. Improving Gumbo soil requires the addition of organic matter like our peat moss, compost, and manure. Organic matter needs to be most of your finished soil tilled in atleast 8 inches. Many gardens simply add organic matter on top of our gumbo soil in “raised” beds to 12 inches rather than spen time cultivating the gumbo. Continually adding organic matter builds healthy soil.

The term pH of 7.0 is important for vegetables and many shrubs and trees. Citrus, azaleas, camelia and many tropicals thrive in more acidic soils with a pH of 5.5 to 6.0. Our dolomite limestone raises pH, and our powdered sulfur can help create lower levels. We offer free pH soil testing and recommend that you have your soil tested regularly to ensure the proper pH for what you are growing. Ask about our free pH testing today!

The conservation of moisture is vital in Houston’s hot humid climate. We offer cypress mulch (won’t float away in a heavy rain) alfalfa, and coastal hay to protect your plants’ roots year round and enrich your soil with organic matter as they break down. Add SIX inches of mulch at least twice a year to ensure your plants insulation against Houston’s heat and to prevent weeds. Alfalfa and hay break down readily and serve the added function of building organic matter that improves your soil.