Quality Feed & Garden Company is your go-to location for your pets, your livestock, and your landscape.  We carry premier feeds, grooming & care accessories, plants & a full line of garden care products.

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Chickens, ducks, turkeys, geese, guineas, and more


We carry feeds & supplies to care for all kinds of livestock - from large animals to game birds.

Animals for Sale

Poultry, doves & pigeons, pet birds & bunnies.


We love your pets as much as you do!  We have everything you need to keep them healthy & happy.

Lawn & Garden

Houston's garden headquarters! Vegetables, herbs, seeds, fruit trees, soils, fertilizers, pest & disease controls.

Vegetables & Herbs

This is our vegetable & herbs learning center!


Everything for the bonsai hobbyist, from beginners to masters - trees, soils, pots, fertilizers, tools & training supplies.


We carry a full line of supplies for urban beekeeping - hives, supers, tools, smokers, protective clothing, books and more.

Pest Control

Live traps, repellents, and chemicals to keep unwanted pests out of your home & garden and from bothering your pets and animals.