COVID-19 Update:

As an essential business, we are open normal hours to serve your pet, livestock, and garden needs. We are receiving new merchandise daily with no interruptions.  Feel free to call the store when you arrive if you would like curbside service, 713/862-2323.

We are doing our best, but this is NOT business as usual.  In order to protect our staff and our clients, and to comply with the Houston/Harris County guidelines, we ask all customers to follow the following protocol:

  1.  One person only per vehicle only allowed in the store.
  2.  Observe the 6 foot rule.  Violations of this distance could affect our ability to stay open.  We have marked the floor as a reminder and we will vigorously enforce this distance.
  3. Please keep your children and elderly members of your family at home.

If you cannot comply with these public safety guidelines, we will have no choice but to refuse service.  Stay healthy and safe everyone! Thank you!



Quality Feed & Garden Company is your go-to location for your pets, your livestock, and your landscape.  We carry premier feeds, grooming & care accessories, plants & a full line of garden care products.

Visit these tabs to see what Quality can do for YOU!


We carry feeds & supplies to care for all kinds of livestock - from large animals to game birds.


Chickens, ducks, turkeys, geese, guineas, and more

Animals for Sale

Poultry, doves & pigeons, pet birds & bunnies.


We love your pets as much as you do!  We have everything you need to keep them healthy & happy.

Lawn & Garden

Houston's garden headquarters! Vegetables, herbs, seeds, fruit trees, soils, fertilizers, pest & disease controls.

Vegetables & Herbs

This is our vegetable & herbs learning center!


Everything for the bonsai hobbyist, from beginners to masters - trees, soils, pots, fertilizers, tools & training supplies.

Pest Control

Live traps, repellents, and chemicals to keep unwanted pests out of your home & garden and from bothering your pets and animals.


We carry a full line of supplies for urban beekeeping - hives, supers, tools, smokers, protective clothing, books and more.