More on Caged Birds


Careful nutrition is vital in ensuring the health of your bird. Nutrition deficiencies cause disease and death. A balanced diet is only achieved by offering a variety of foods. At Quality Feed & Garden we offer both seed diets and complete pelleted diets.

Brands include:

• Kaytee Bird Food — Kaytee Bird Food is the industry leader in pet bird nutrition (
• Mazuri Small Bird & Parrot Diets — The number one diet of zoos worldwide. Mazuri Small Birds & Parrot Diets are some of our best sellers.
• Pretty Bird Pellets — Diets for birds designed to be best possible foods to companion birds. Visit Pretty Bird Pellets today.
• McBride McCaw Diet — Developed by Kaylor of Colorado, a company that prides itself in offering the healthiest and most gratifying bird foods possible

We happily special order diets from Zupreem, Rowdy Bush and more! Simply contact us at the store with your special order today!

If you’d like to customize any mix for your pet bird, we offer the following ingredient seeds by the pound or in 25 and 50 pound bags: barley, canola (rape), flax, safflower, oat groats, wheat, milo, corn, white and red millet, white millet spray, canary seed, black oil sunflower, striped sunflower, peanets, Austrian winter peas and thistle.

Our grit offerings include Kaytee red and gray mineralized grit. They contain all essential minierals and the addition of charcoal for balancing crop pH. Also available are three sizes of grey granite, and pullet-sized oyster shell.

At Quality Feed & Garden, we stress the importance of toys for your bird as they provide entertainment and satisfy many bird’s nature desire to chew. A good rule of thumb is to change out toys on a monthly basis to keep the bird interested and occupied.

Cleaning your bird’s cage daily, and spending a few minutes to prepare it’s healthy diet are all it takes in caring for your bird. Socializing your bird will eventually result in a companion who is happy to spend time with you and provide you with years of happiness and amusement.

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