Large Animals

Purina & M-G Feeds complete our large animal lineup. Purina’s Mazuri line is stocked and special ordered for more exotic livestock. As one of the oldest Purina dealerships in the United States, we offer Purina feed delivered directly from the Ft. Worth milling plant weekly.

Most of our feed also is sold by the pound. The complete line of Purina chows are available, and if not in stock, we’ll quickly order what you need.

M-G Feeds out of Weimer, Texas also offers excellent feeds at economical prices. Ordered and delivered weekly, M-G feeds offer the quality you expect and the price you can afford.


Feed. Feed. Feed.

Most large animal feeds are available in 50 pound sizes. Small livestock feeds are stocked by the pound, and in 25 and 50 pound sizes. Products currently requested by our clientele and stocked include:

*Horse — All Stock 10% Sweet Pellet, M-G 12/8 Pellet, M-G Super Horse 14% Pellet, M-G Rancher’s Pride 10% & 12% Sweet, M-G 14% Racehorse Sweet, M-G Senior Horse, & Purina Equine Senior

*Cattle — All Stock 10% Sweet Pellet, M-G Ranchman’s Cube 20%, Purina Show Calf Developer

*Pig & Hog — M-G Pig & Hog Chow, Purina Honor’s Show Pig Grower

*Sheep & Goat — Purina Sheep & Goat Range Checkers, Purina Goat Chow Coarse Sweet, Purina Show Goat, & Purina Show Lamb Grower/Finisher

*Rabbits — Purina 16% Maintenance, Purina 18% Performance, Purina 16% Show, & M-G Rabbit

*Poultry — M-G Chick Starter/Grower, M-G Lay Pellets & Crumbles 16%, Purina Turkey Starter, Purina Turkey Grower, Purina Flockraiser, Purina certified natural chick Startena, Purina Certified Natural Layena Crumbles & Pellets, Purina Layen Omega Plus Omega 3 Layer Pellets, Purina Show Broiler, & M-G grain products

*Ostriches, Emus & Rheas — Purina Ostrigro Maintenance Complete

*Pond Fish — Purina Aquamax 2000, & Purina Game Fish Chow

*Quail, Pheasants, Waterfowl — Purina Gamebird Startena, Purina Gamebird Flight Conditioner, & Purina Gamebird Breeder, Mazuri Waterfowl Maintenance.

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