Herbicides & Fungicides

Fungus Control – (Also see Corn Gluten Meal)
Lawn & Garden Fungicide Spray – Controls brown patch, powdery mildew, black spot and more. Use on lawns, shrubs, roses, trees and vegetables.

Corn Meal – All natural fungicide granules that also stimulates microorganisms that feed on pathogens.

Weed Control – (Also see Corn Gluten Meal)

20% Vinegar – All natural killer that burns up weeds on your lawn and garden.

Other Natural Products

Alfalfa Excellent for just about every plant! Roses love it!
Bat Guano Source of nitrogen and micronutrients.
Blood Meal An organic form of nitrogen that helps every plant grow. Favorite of pansy growers
Bone Meal Organic phosphorus, aids in blooming. A must if you grow flowering bulbs.
Chicken Manure Probably the best source of organic nitrogen when compared to other manures. Tremendous micronutrient source as well.
Liquid Seaweed Source of micronutrients. Contains 24 trace elements and potassium.
Liquid Fish Contains trace elements and nitrogen, Great as foliar spray or drench.
Liquid Fish & Seaweed Blend of Norwegian seaweed and Atlantic fish.
Liquid Molasses (Also see Dried Molasses) – Increases microbial activity in the soil. Contains trace elements.
Compost Tea All natural compost applied as a drench or foliar spray. When compost tea is sprayed on a plant, those plants will often grow more vigorously, resist disease and insect attack, and may produce higher yields of flower and fruit.
Root Simulator Blend of seaweed and agrispon to reduce plant shock and stimulate root development.
Liquid Lawn Food Poultry compost and Chilean nitrate is fantastic for new or established lawns. Won’t burn.
Organic Soil Conditioner A blend of cotton burrs, alfalfa and poultry manure. Builds productive soil.
Cotton Burr Compost Restores vital organic matter and humus to the soil. Loosens clay soil and builds soil.
Mushroom Compost 100% organic composted mushrooms. Restores vital organic matter and humus to the soil.
Mycostim Beneficial Mycorrhizae Establishes beneficial fungal organisms in the soil to encourage plant growth.
Organic Potting soil Blend of 100% organic ingredients for indoor and outdoor plants, seed starting and root cuttings.
Rock Phosphate Organic source of phosphorus and micronutrients. Excellent soil ammendment for anything that blooms.
Texas Greensand All natural glauconite. Excellent source of potassium and micronutrients. Lostens clay soils. Rich in iron, it increases water holding capability as well.
Tree & Shrub Therapy Blend of micro-organisms, compost and minerals for trees and shrubs. A great solid builder, contains expanded shale, greensand, enriched molasses and more.


Plant Eating Bugs


Fertilome Borer, Bagworm, Tent Cateriller, and Leaf Miner Spray –Spinosad

Hi-Yield Thuricide Concentrate – Liquid bacillus thuringiensis

Fertilome Dipel Dust – Bacillus thuringiensis powder

Bull Thistle

Brown Patch
There are many forms of brown patch, a fungal disease that spreads quickly when night becomes cooler and damper in the fall.

To treat brown patch, apply Nitro Phos Total Brown Patch Control granules as soon as you discover the problem. Use Bayleton granules for prevention around July 15, August 15 and possibly September 15.

Organic alternatives are Corn Gluten Meal, Dusting Sulfur or Neem Oil. Here’s how you know if brown patch attacked your lawn:

(1) The blades of grass are dead but the round runners they attach to are still green and alive.

(2) The infected area appears to be very circular in pattern. Because the runners usually survive brown patch, resodding only will be necessary if you desire. The grass will grow again in spring the following year.