Berries, Fruits, Nuts & Shade Trees

Berries, Fruits, Nuts & Shade For The Texas Gulf Coast!

Quality Feed & Garden offers one of the largest selection of fruit bearing trees, bushes and vines in the region.  We also offer shade trees.  Click on our brochure link below for a list of availability.  (We also stock bonsai trees, so please see our Bonsai Tree page too!)

Berries, Fruits, & Nuts Brochure



Container Grown

All of our offerings are container grown in three, five, and 10 gallon pots.  Average size is between three and six feet tall.  Berries and grapes are sturdy vigorous stock.  Many are grafted varieties on rootstock developed for Houston’s hot and humid climate.  We are proud to stock trees from Brazos Citrus and R&T Nurseries, two trusted Texas growers.

Planting Your Tree

  1. Keep watered until the time of planting.
  2. Choose the site. Avoid wet spaces, shady areas, or areas that do not receive at least 4-6 hours of direct sunlight each day.
  3. Spade the soil, and dig a large and wide bowl, NEVER a deep hole, at least twice the width of the pot.  Ensure that after planting, the new tree’s soil level is at the same level it stood in the pot.
  4. Back-fill the soil with equal parts of the existing earth and compost or prepared garden soil. Once filled, firm down lightly, add MULCH to keep roots from drying out, and water thoroughly with a mixture that includes ROOT STIMULATOR.
  5. Pruning will be essential most some fruit varieties, though not necessarily at the time of planting. Check the soil daily for moisture as the limited roots make the tree susceptible to dry weather damage. Keep soil evenly moist but never too wet as roots will rot. Use only liquid root stimulator at least monthly throughout the first year’s growing season.  Warning:  synthetic granulated fertilizer will tend to burn new developing roots!

Our Guarantee

We guarantee that your new tree will survive transplant if you following our instructions. All trees and berries are guaranteed for five (5) months from purchase. Should tree/berry fail to thrive, simply return it (ID tag still attached), along with your paid receipt, and we’ll replace it. (Replacement may or may not be the same variety, and replacements are not guaranteed. ABSOLUTELY NO CASH REFUNDS.)